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Be Back Soon :)

Temporary Order Closure

Hi Friends! 

I recently announced I will be closing orders June 1st. My family is moving across the country, and we will need some time to settle in our new place! I wanted to answer some questions you might have. Feel free to email with any questions or concerns I didn't address.


How will this impact my order?

It won't!! All orders placed before June 1 2024 will follow my standard 10-12 week turnaround time. I want to stress this so much...this will NOT impact any outstanding orders.

When will you open back up for orders?

I'm not totally sure. There are a lot of variables. I am hoping for the beginning of September to celebrate our TWO year anniversary that month!

Are there going to be any changes when you reopen?

Yes! I'm hoping to do a bit of rebranding, and really refining the jewelry selection offered. I want to focus on quality settings, new inclusions and adding a few new pieces.

Where are you moving?

Eastern Connecticut! My home. Washington has been great to us, but I am looking forward to living near family again and building a network with other small business owners in the area. If you're in any type of birth work in SECT, i'd love to chat and see how we can help each other!